Why The M2 Isn’t Better Than The M1 Pro

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  • Despite the new M2, the M1 Pro is still superior, as it supports 32GB of memory and has up to four more processing cores.
  • There are elements that the M2 is better at, such as having 4 “blizzard” cores and a quicker CPU clock speed.
  • M1 Pro/Max/Ultra are better for professionals and businesses; M2 is great for consumers.

Comparing the M2 to the M1 Pro

We’ve already covered how the new M2 chip differs from the standard M1, but now it’s time to compare the M2 to the M1 Pro.

M2 Chip M1 Pro Chip
Made with TSMC’s enhanced 5nm process (N5P) Made using TSMC’s 5nm process (N5)
20 billion transistors 33.7 billion transistors
C4 high-performance “Avalanche” cores Up to 8 high-performance “Firestorm” cores
4 energy-efficient “Blizzard” cores 2 energy-efficient “Icestorm” cores
3.49GHz CPU clock speed 3.2GHz CPU clock speed
CPU cores first seen in the iPhone 13 lineup’s A15 Bionic chip CPU cores first seen in the iPhone 12 lineup’s A14 Bionic chip
10-core GPU Up to 16-core GPU
Support for 8GB, 16GB, or 24GB unified memory Support for 16GB or 32GB unified memory
100GB/s memory bandwidth 204GB/s memory bandwidth

They both have a Neural Engine, a media engine for hardware-accelerated H.264, HEVC, ProRes, and a ProRes RAW, higher-bandwidth video decode engine so there’s nothing to sing about there.

The benefits for your business

The M1 Pro beats the M2 across the board.
While the M2 is a more modern chip, the M1 Pro is still more powerful due to its size. The M1 Pro remains a powerful processor for professionals with intensive workloads thanks to its increased transistor count, performance CPU cores, GPU cores, unified memory size, and memory bandwidth.

The M2 is a consumer-focused processor designed to provide exceptional performance for common applications while maintaining low temperatures and long battery life.

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