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Why Prompt Patching is Vital for Cybersecurity

1st September 2021 | posted by Moof IT

Are you fed up with being told that keeping your organisation’s Macs up to date is vital to protect against online threats?

It’s a potential “business killer” if you ignore this task, isn’t it? That’s what they keep saying.

Yes, it sounds like a broken record, and yes, we fully admit to sounding like one ourselves, but if there’s one area we have to work harder on than any other with our clients, it’s cyber security.

The fact remains that keeping your Macs up to date is one of the best things you can do in the fight against cyber crime.

The best news? It’s super easy – particularly if you rely on a tool like moofPatch.

Let us explain.

Want a security accreditation? You need to get patched!

It’s worth quickly confirming that, if you want to be compliant and gain any form of IT security accreditation, you’ll need to ensure your Macs are regularly patched.

This is because software patching and updating is the cornerstone of pretty much every accreditation out there. It’s usually on page one of the guidelines.

It’s for good reason, too. Accreditations matter – particularly in today’s data privacy-conscious world. Customers and prospects want to see those badges against your name, and you’ll only get them if you remain up to date with security patches.

A fully patched estate is a stable estate

Is your team fed up with its machines constantly slowing down or requiring restarts?

It isn’t just Windows devices that suffer from this kind of thing. One of the biggest misconceptions about Macs is that they’re somehow immune to cybercrime and poor performance when left on earlier versions of macOS.

This simply isn’t the case. Updating your Macs is critical not only for cyber security but also to ensure that the entire estate is as stable as it should be. macOS and the apps you rely on every day are regularly updated for a reason.

Doing it ‘out of the box’ isn’t easy

At this point, you might be reaching for the macOS software update feature and the App Store app. But keeping your Macs up to date using ‘out of the box’ tools isn’t as easy as it might seem.

This is particularly the case for businesses with a number of Macs. The more Macs you have, the more manual updating you have to do, and the more you need to rely on staff to remember to do it themselves.

Which means it won’t happen. You know they’ll keep putting it off.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this.

Introducing moofPatch

We’ve worked with Jamf to provide a solution to your updating and patching woes. It’s known as moofPatch and it’s designed to make your life easier, and your Mac estate as secure as it should be.

moofPatch takes on the job of updating both macOS and the software you rely on to run the business.

It takes this vital job off your hands by:

  • enforcing regular macOS and software updates;
  • undertaking updates automatically without any user intervention;
  • providing convenient notifications for users; and
  • offering the ability to defer updates when required.

Most importantly, moofPatch is built with the user in mind. It enables everyone to focus on what matters but still remain secure and compliant. There’s no better way to be productive and cyber aware than to use a tool like moofPatch to keep your Mac estate up to date.

If you’d like to find out more about moofPatch and how it’ll benefit your organisation, just get in touch with the moof IT team.

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