Apple’s Hidden Easter Egg

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Apple have hidden an easter egg in their latest OS/iOS release and it’s our favourite by an absolute mile!!!

To find it, type ‘Moof’ or ‘Clarus’ into your emoji search bar on either macOS or iOS and you’ll get the suggestion of 2 emojis, a dog and a cow.

apple smartphone keyboard

Why do you get a cow & dog when you type in Moof?

“Moof” is the noise made by Clarus the DogCow!

The legacy of Clarus

Clarus became the mascot for Apple designers through the 1980s and was featured on a pirate flag (designed by Susan Kare) outside the Apple offices.

Clarus could also be seen in the print preview window to show users the orientation in which their page was printing. She continued to be used in other places within macOS, such as QuickTime sample projects and document previews, until Steve Jobs’ return to Apple in the late 1990s when she started to disappear.

Clarus originally became the archetype of surrealistic humour in the corporate culture of the original Macintosh group, particularly as the mascot of Apple’s Developer Technical Support.

Of course, Clarus’ legacy also includes our choice of company name.

Are you a fan of Clarus too? Leave us a reply below to tell us about it.

Happy Easter from the team at moof IT.

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