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Moof IT Take Part In Movember

15th November 2022 | posted by Moof IT | Tags: ,

Movember takes over moof IT 

Henry and the team at Moof are taking part in Movember to raise money for charity and to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. We’re here to share all… 

Who’s participating? 

Henry, Dave, Callum, Xav, JB, Mo, Repko, Alfie, and Dylan DR.  

We’re all very excited to raise money to support a charity that is so close to our hearts. We’re raising funds and awareness this Movember for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in our lives. We need your help. Please donate to support men’s health. 

While we’re a self-confessed “low growth” bunch (excluding Xav, obviously!), we’re trying our hardest to grow noticeable facial hair. 

Xavier is winning so far! (Moof gang sign)

Why is Movember important to moof IT?   

One of the team is particularly affected by this right now so wanted to support them. It’s such a good cause to get behind, and there is nothing wrong with helping out our fellow men by raising money in a hairy way. 

What’s our target and what happens when we hit it? 

Our target is £850 – we’re just £215 away now! Thank you so much! 

If we beat our target, we’re going to be dying our moustaches with “just for men” dye, so the lighter hair folk have a chance to show off what they’ve managed to grow.  

Feeling generous? 

If you’re feeling generous, and want to donate, the donation link is here. 

  • £20 can help provide reassurance and peer-to-peer support for a man who’s just received a testicular cancer diagnosis through the Nuts & Bolts program. 
  • £50 can help prepare a man with a plan on how and when to reach out to a friend who’s struggling with mental health through the Movember Conversations program. 
  • £100‎ can help fund innovative research to explain why some prostate cancers are more likely to spread quickly outside the prostate, supporting the development of a personalised treatment strategy for men with high-risk prostate cancer. 
  • £200‎ can help to fund innovative research that improves our understanding of different types of prostate cancer so that men receive the right treatment at the right time to ensure the best outcomes.

What is Movember? 

Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. 

Support the team and donate today, or get in touch with your IT needs. 

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