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Why Moof IT Use Dropbox

1st July 2022 | posted by Moof IT | Tags: ,


  • What Dropbox is. 
  • How Dropbox works. 
  • Why moof IT choose to work with Dropbox. 


What is Dropbox? 

Dropbox is a file-syncing and cloud-storage service that allows users to upload and access their data from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device with the multi-factor authentication log in. 


How does it work? 

Dropbox can be used to: 

  • to share files with your team. 
  • to transmit large files and folders by link, which are too large to send over email. 
  • to access data when switching between a desktop and a laptop. 
  • to back up crucial files, as Dropbox’s free plan provides users with 2 GB of space. 


Why does moof IT choose to work with it? 

There are many reasons why moof IT choose to use Dropbox. 

  • It’s a lightweight and intuitive agent 
  • It has smart synchronisation with automatic drive space management, including the ability to work offline with pre-saved files. 
  • It has easy to apply permissions and structure 
  • There is an Unlimited Space allowance with the correct subscription, so no more issues with running out of space 
  • There’s the ability to remote wipe agents for company leavers 
  • Additional plugins are available for video editors and creative employees 
  • Users can even log into both personal and professional accounts on the same agent (for those whose line between work and home is blurred). 



Interested in how using Dropbox could benefit your organisation? Get in touch!  

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