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MoofPatch from Moof IT - automatic macOS and third-party application patching for Macs

MoofPatch from Moof IT – Automatic MacOS and Third-Party Application Patching for Macs

21st October 2021 | posted by Moof IT

Keeping your Macs up to date means your business will have access to the latest security updates, and it boosts the user experience, too.

However, when you’re in the middle of something and your computer tells you that updates are ready to install, it’s annoying, isn’t it?

While it can be inconvenient, it is a necessary evil, and today, we’d like to introduce the perfect tool to keep you secure – and sane!


What is MoofPatch?

Staying on top of your Macs is a lot easier with MoofPatch. The reason is simple: it’s vitally important to keep your organisation’s software up to date in order to protect against threats.

But it’s a never-ending task and one that is far too easily skipped.

MoofPatch enables the team at Moof IT to control and enforce all Mac updates; snoozing them is not an option. It’s compatible with both regular macOS patches and software updates so no stone is left unturned.

The problem with Mac updates when they’re left to the user is that they can be ‘snoozed’ endlessly.

That doesn’t happen with MoofPatch. It’s why we like to think of it as ‘considerately forced updates’.

Moof IT is a Mac-focused IT support partner. We’re therefore acutely aware of how beneficial a service like MoofPatch is for creative sectors where employees believe they know more than their computers (and, as a result, put off pressing the ‘update’ button).


Why use MoofPatch?

MoofPatch ensures that every update is tailored to the business in question. Our unique understanding of our clients means we know exactly which macOS updates and software patches are best suited and subsequently need to be prioritised.

Maintaining the operating system on your Mac enables you to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity threats. But updates also improve the efficiency of your system.

In fact, they’ll often improve processes that would otherwise go unnoticed if you handled the updates yourself (or ignored them entirely).

What are the benefits of keeping your Macs up to date?

Keeping your Mac up to date makes a huge difference to your cyber defences, but it’ll also remove instances of unplanned downtime.

Add MoofPatch into the mix and your business will:

  • experience fewer software bugs;
  • deters hackers;
  • addresses security vulnerabilities;
  • keep business and customer data safe; and
  • ensure all software and services are regularly up to date.

MoofPatch also prevents harmful malware and hackers from entering your network via the ‘backdoor’.

Hackers are always looking for new ways to exploit flaws in operating systems. That’s why MoofPatch is constantly updating our clients’ devices and ensuring there’s no option to continually ‘snooze’ this vital task.

Keeping your Mac up to date also means that it’ll be compatible with the latest software and productivity-boosting elements of the Apple ecosystem.


Boost your businesses security with MoofPatch

 Automatic macOS and third-party application patching is now easier than ever, thanks to MoofPatch. It’s one of the only fully managed updating services for Macs on the market, and is backed up by our countless years supporting Mac-based businesses.

More importantly, it’s built with the user in mind – albeit with a steady, firm guiding hand that won’t allow updates to be indefinitely snoozed.

To find out more about MoofPatch, just get in touch with the team, today.

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