Apple IT Trends and Predictions for 2023

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  • We look at Apple IT milestones from 2022
  • We share our predictions for 2023
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Recapping Apple’s 2022 IT milestones

The rise of Apple in the enterprise in 2022 was due in no small part to the power and popularity of the M1 chip.

With the widespread adoption of hybrid and remote work, we saw a redefinition of how IT empowers end users, with a focus on security and employee productivity.

Because of increased activity from hackers and bad actors, security is top of mind in a remote world. And a zero-trust security approach helps organisations be better positioned to deal with data breaches. The challenge: how to manage security while maintaining employee privacy.

In the world of education, it’s been a very difficult couple of years. When the pandemic first hit, those who already had 1:1 iPad programmes in place fared better than those who didn’t – which is driving many schools to increase their adoption of iPads in the classroom.

The rapid adoption of remote learning created many challenges, with the need for strong filtering and security solutions.

Predictions for 2023

We believe we’ll see a lot of similar trends in the coming year, including:

  • Apple continues to grow in market share – iOS will continue to dominate, with Macs growing as the desktop of choice.
  • Remote work is not going away – We recommend you lean into the benefits, including expanded talent pools, meeting efficiencies, and cost reductions. Hybrid can be your best friend.
  • Privacy versus security – Find IT empowerment solutions rather than lockdown solutions to make your organisation more secure, end users more productive, and provide a better user experience.
  • Education industry trends – We’ll continue to see the expansion of 1:1 technology programmes, and people stepping up to help provide technology to schools.

Reap the benefits

In order to take advantage of the developing IT trends at your organisation, there are a number of initiatives you may want to consider implementing in 2023, including:

  1. An employee choice programme is a way for companies to give their employees the freedom to choose which computing platform and device they use at work. This can be beneficial to a company in terms of employee retention and productivity, as well as reduced support costs.
  2. Implementing automated onboarding processes can also be beneficial, as it can reduce the amount of paperwork and manual processes. Automated onboarding processes can include automatically sending emails to new hires about their onboarding process, or automatically sending out welcome packs. Using interactive tools such as webinars and video conferencing can also be useful for onboarding, as it can provide new hires with a more engaging experience. IT systems can also be used to provide new hires with a virtual tour of the office, or provide them with access to important documents or features prior to their first day. Providing new hires with helpful resources such as a knowledge base or an onboarding checklist can also be beneficial.
  3. Security training for staff is vital because it can help reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, data breaches, and other security incidents. Security training can help staff understand the importance of following security protocols, such as using strong passwords. It can also help staff recognise potential cyber threats, such as phishing emails, and help them to avoid falling for them.

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