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Introducing moof IT and saying goodbye to Amsys

30th December 2017 | posted by Henry Capper

With Apple’s ever increasing march into enterprise, the vision that Amsys set out to achieve, “to make Apple products work better for business” is one that the business has now been delivering successfully for a number of years.

Over the last 5 years this success has seen the focus of the business shift into 3 core areas:

  1. Consultancy, Projects & Support – Providing capability to our clients through consultancy, infrastructure, managed services and support.
  2. Training, Recruitment and App Development – Improving productivity through training, recruitment and digital transformation.
  3. Hardware Repairs – Providing hardware service provision to both retail and B2B clients.

Over this time, the Directors leading the 3 core divisions have been given the freedom to take their respective business areas in unique directions operating on a more autonomous basis. This has led to the opportunity for David Acland and Henry Capper, both Directors and shareholders of Amsys, to approach Alex and the rest of the leadership team with an offer of a management buy-out of the Consultancy, Projects & Support division. This offer aligned with the strategic direction Amsys has been taking, and now we are very proud to announce that the Consultancy, Projects & Support division is re-launched as it’s own company “Moof IT”.

Moof IT is a fully focused service business that will allow us to specialise solely in the provision of Apple and cross-platform consultancy and support to our clients. Moof maintains all of the elements that made up the success of the Amsys support & consultancy business, and we are very proud to take all of the existing staff and client base with us on this journey.

Our ambition is simple: to provide best in class consultancy and support for our clients and be the shining light of customer service in our field. By ensuring that all our energy and focus is driven into improving the consultancy and support experience for our clients, we will continue to improve our business through sharpening process and playing an even bigger role in the Mac admin community that underpins so much of what we do; we believe this will ultimate drive the greatest possible satisfaction for our clients.

More can be found out about the way we do business based on our three core pillars here.

We are extremely proud of our history and heritage with Amsys, and look forward to a very close working relationship in the future. We thank Alex Hawes and the rest of the Amsys team for all their work helping us get us to where we are today, and we are very excited about the future.

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